The Legendary Nunu Bot

This Monday, the minds that brought you Gentlman Cho’gath and Corporate Mundo have a very special surprise in store for you: The Legendary Nunu Bot!

Deep within Freljord’s numerous mountain ranges lies the top secret AngryGoran Robotics Facility. There the most brilliant (and angry) minds in all of Runeterra work to achieve with science that which nature has failed to provide. Their mission: To build the perfect Yeti!

Decades (and numerous home video production cycles) have passed since their first attempts. Now, after thousands of failed prototypes, power outages, welding accidents, patent office claims, and a rather considerable electricity bill, AngryGoran engineers have finally completed construction on the next evolution of fully functional combat Yeti. Nunu Bot is officially operational and ready to be deployed to the Fields of Justice!

This May 2nd, visit the League of Legends store and fire up your very own Nunu Bot!