The dolls get cuter the more you hug them – Summoner Showcase #82

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It’s all in the details as they say, a fact that CryingSoul uses to create this amazing Sona portrait.
Dixneuf gives Ahri an old-school hanbok with a new-school skirt. The ensemble looks great on her: do I smell a new skin?
Rawritzsly’s Caitlyn doll is impressive enough on its own. But adding the rifle — a felt rifle at that — makes it something special.
This week’s sole musical entry comes courtesy of Vedrim, who has composed a jaunty shanty for the swashbuckling sea-farers of the League.
These two guys are awfully hard to cheer up, though if they saw how MorteLaranja did justice to them in this picture, it might put a smile on their faces regardless.
Teemo’s already too adorable for words, but Phil’s felt doll raises The Cute to positively lethal levels. WANT!!!
Feast your eyes on this trend: iAmAnn, Zlymax, Boxzes and MissLacrymosa show off League of Legends tattoos!