The Darkness Of His Heart – A CMV COLLAB

A Howl’s Moving Castle CMV collaboration! Happy Halloween!
Please excuse the random black flashing that might occur in this. I don’t know what happened but it keeps rendering with some black flashing. It’s not being salvageable.
If the video “plot” is hard to understand, here is a little description!
Howl is basically battling the dark recesses of his mind. His dark side. Dark Howl.
Dark Howl is constantly in the darkness of Howl’s mind. Howl plunges into the darkness with his dark half many times, despite how desperate he is to remain sane. Then a light shows. His light of his life, Sophie (and friends such as Turnip Head.) Howl reaches for her offering hand, but his dark side manages to slap it away, and Sophie disappears. Howl basically drowns in his memories and dark side until he realizes that Sophie is there for him again and again, no matter how much effort it takes. She will always pick him back up and help him. This releases Howl back into his perfect world with Sophie and the others, but there is still a lingering darkness that could come back at any time.
What is your dark side?
Dark Howl:
Turnip Head:
Song by Flyleaf- In the Dark