Testing the limits of League awesomeness – Summoner Showcase #74

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This spectacular creation by Malica shows us that even the underappreciated minion can become an awesome piece of art.

Nhazul gives us a bold new portrayal of a fan favorite, with his rendition of Master Yi… showing off the Wuju Bladesman’s sculpted bod.

Test your skills in this League matching game and see if you can become a champion of champions!

We’ve had a few LoL Dubstep remixes, but this mix by ZMiX remains unique and distinctively epic.

If bugs scare you, this submission by SkullsInACab will surely give you a fright.

Being adorable can be quite tiring, so Teemo is taking a break from being so darn cute, and tries on a guise of death and destruction in this drawing by Gnarf.