Tekkit Part 48 – The Head of the Problem

The cause of Simon’s pig obsession is finally uncovered as he discovers that a strange construction has been talking to him whilst he sleeps!


A few notes about this episode from me (Lewis): as usual, all of us (especially Simon) had never seen the “surprise” before, so hopefully this explains his reaction. The side-stuff is just us messing around with each other and very much improvised rather than scripted. We don’t have time or plans to script out a larger storyline for Tekkit but sometimes we set up stupid things for each other or fool around to give the episodes a bit of spice. Don’t take it too seriously! 🙂

Also, I know that a couple of the cam-switch icons are wrong, sorry about that, it was late when I was editing it. I’m also interested in whether you guys want these videos in 1080p, as it can be bit of a pain (and slow) for YouTube to deal with the larger filesizes, which helps explain why this one took till midnight. I may also try and get a regular release schedule in place (e.g. every two days, or Mon/Wed/Fri). This week, we’ve got some more Garry’s Mod and a very special video to celebrate 2.5 million subs which has taken a long time to produce 😀 Stay tuned!

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