Summoner Showcase #49

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Christopher has lovingly constructed this 3D tribute to your favorite Voidwalker, and even put together a how-to video for any aspiring sculptors out there.
Chopstyx has illustrated a tribute to this often underappreciated part of Maokai’s arsenal!
Of course, saplings can often be a controversial topic. Tetchy is here to tell us how the Might of Demacia might take issue with having to share real estate with these little guys the next time he steps into the brush.
Garen isn’t the only champion who might find a false sense of security in the brush. MasterNinjaSnarky shows us that there are places that not even a Swift Scout can hide from a hungry Cho’gath!
Not feeling safe hiding in the brush anymore? You could always try a disguise! BuffyBott has created this fashionable Tibbers hat to help you stay incognito.