Summoner Showcase #26

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The unspoken story is a triumph over technology … and perhaps a saboteur band of void creatures. In the end, we reached an understanding with technology, and it turns out the void creatures just needed a hug. It was a win for all involved, and especially in regards to this video.

So, hats off to a triumphant Summoner Showcase, full of sculptures, singing, and even more fan-created specialties. Kick back and let these talented summoners show you what they got.

Ryze Sculpture[]
Amazing and more, Gateau Sec uses tools, an incredible sense of anatomy, and probably some nefarious superpowers to create a statue of our Rogue Mage.

DeviantArt LoL Meme[]
Vamper has started a phenomenon, just by asking a few questions. Why talk when you can draw? Answer this art-survey by drawing in champions, skins, and flexing your artistic side.

Plushie Rammus[]
Mantisnk and his girlfriend combined forces to create not only a great idea, but a fuzzy little toy to go with it. It’s a new skin and a plushie at once!

Obvious League of Legends Trailer[]
The Button Masherz find the humor in everything and let no detail go unnoticed as they riff our Season One trailer.

Party, My Nexus, 5pm![]
Elementalism, you’re a champion. Really, you are. You’re dressed as Swain, and all your friends followed suit for one of the coolest themed parties we’ve seen! We need the schematic for your Baron Nashor Pinata for our parties. Or Mondays. Any day is appropriate, really.

That’s it for this week! Did I say kick back? I lied; you should get workin’ on your own submissions and show us how creative you guys really are! The bar is set every week, and you all find a way to raise it higher. Support your summoners and submit work with your Summoner name and region to! If we love it, we’ll get other people talking about it!

Until next time,
Enjoy the memes,
Negotiate with void creatures of ill-intent,
And we’ll see you next week!