Summoner Showcase #25

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Champion Select Theme on Piano []
Hollow tickles the ivories with a piano rendition of our Champion Select music. If this doesn’t charge you up for battle, we don’t know what will.

Poppy’s Lore []
Lolily does it again, this time with all the power we’d expect from Poppy’s burst damage. Read up and see how this pint-sized yordle became a stalwart ambassador.

Champion Panels []
Eikyuni charmed us at PAX East when she made a gift of her art, and now we’re sharing it with all of you! Thanks, Eikyuni! We’re looking forward to meeting you again and seeing more of your amazing art.

Warwick Holmes []
Eaven has a whole thread full of impressive art, but to ensure that it fit the “Epic” theme we had to go ahead and select a rendition of a wolf smoking a pipe.

Demacia []
FruitJuice swept glory into every brushstroke, capturing Jarvan as he faces down the Noxian hordes beneath the Demacian Standard.

That’s all the heroism we can fit into this week! But we still want to see what you can do, so send in your submissions and discovers along with your summoner name to!