Summoner Showcase #23

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Happy April Fool’s Day, summoners!
We’re about tapped out of trickery, but we’re still ready to deliver laughs with this week’s Summoner Showcase video. Hopefully you are prepared for a veritable onslaught of fan-made League of Legends comics!

Video hardly does it justice. Take a look at the full comics here!

One Panel Comic: Demacia []
Chopstyx proves that one picture can say it all — though a little text box doesn’t hurt in explaining, either! There are even more to enjoy on the forums.

Bro-Bot [] appreciates the simple things; especially when faced with stressful game partners. Yet, maybe there’s a hint of truth to Mundo’s claims?

Takin’ out the Trash []
Darkeblue laments that minion dominion doesn’t reach beyond the Fields of Justice.

DemacianComics.Com []
We discovered a repository of League of Legends comics and memes, ready and waiting your input, votes, and perusal. There have already been a few legendary and notable ones added, and the rest is up to you.

That sums up this eventful week for summoners, but don’t forget to submit player-made fan creations to and keep the creativity flowin’. We have a lot of good stuff already, but we always want to see more.

Try out Blind Monk!
Roundhouse-kick the Nexus!
And we’ll see you next week!