Summoner Showcase #22

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Community Art Request []
NJim had a humble request of his own before catering to the needs of a uniquely creative community, resulting in iterations on what is now the most crowd sourced fan-art we’ve featured so far; it’s also, the most ridiculous, and possibly one of the most enjoyable.

“Runebook” Role Play []
K D Bonez helps bring champions to Facebook for some interaction and amusement. Think you can do a character justice? They have some pages open for participation!

Carnival Ryze []
Sgt Dorian got festive for Carnival and shaved his head for this costume of the Rogue Mage. If Ryze was to party down in Europe, I think it’s perfectly acceptable that he wear blue jeans.

Cait n’ Brolaf Comic []
Not to detract from conversation about Katarina’s Phantom Dancers, but let’s talk about Olaf’s Ghostblade… StrawberryMoose and Caitlyn tell it like it is. The thread even gets a visit from Brolaf in the flesh!

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