Spring is in the air – Summoner Showcase #67

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Fexvol has fashioned a fatastically detailed sculpture in celebration of the Lunar Revel.

Penator brings two Demacian heroes to life with this rendition of Lux, the Lady of Luminosity and her more brooding counterpart Xin Zhao.

Fuji Jefferson brings a bit of springtime flair to Sona in this colorful new take on your favorite Maven of the Strings.

And while we’re speaking of Sona, Rae-Yei brings this musical champion to life with an impressive cosplay ensemble.

Zaeinn takes a minimalist approach with this vector art picture of Master Yi performing his signature maneuver.

Jason Wang has crafted a piece of art a fantastic piece of artwork dedicate to all those times when teamwork goes terribly wrong. We’ve all been there, Jason!