Song parodies – Summoner Showcase #37

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Graphite Galore! (
NAUO shows us how it’s done with a time-lapsed video series showing off his graphite drawings. If you enjoy our Art Spotlight series, you’ll definitely want to check out all of his gorgeous work!

Darth Veigar (

Apparently when Obi Wan told Vader that he was, “only a master of evil,” in Episode IV he left out the “tiny.”

Like a Gragas (

Gluglug is at it again with another LoL themed parody, this time dedicated to your favorite drink swilling, needlessly large champion of the League.

Keep Feeding (

Ember Isolte brings in another song parody with

Epic Cosplay! (

AveryTingWong and Jennaaaayyy show us how fashionable some of our champions can be with these fantastic Lux and Miss Fortune costumes!

Close Encounters of the Yordle Kind (

If you love yordles and outer space, you’re certainly going to want to give this fan made survival shooter featuring UFO Corki a try!