Something to love – Summoner Showcase #65

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Wednesday Wolf delivers a striking rendition of Kog’Maw, whose bile is infused with delicious grape soda! Yeah, that’s it… grape soda…
Kairii is a talented seamstress from Germany. She showcases her skills with an adorable Maokai Sapling plushie.
One-woman quintet ViolinTay puts a classical spin on the League of Legends champion select theme song.
Vladimir the Crimson Reaper and Ahri the 9-Tailed Fox get into the Valentine’s spirit this holiday, courtesy of Sarinjin. Vlad has certainly found a new meaning to the phrase, “I’m giving you my heart.”
Throwback pin-up models + the lovely Leona = pure unfiltered awesome, in an imaginative piece from MaTTcom.
The talented brush of PBMAXX gives Ryze a new voodoo look, complete with mask and seriously scary tusks.