Short edition – Summoner Showcase #33

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Summoners! We are in the midst of preparing for the Season 1 Championship that is about to take place in Sweden, and so we apologize for this shorter than usual Summoner Showcase.

Here’s a look at the submissions that positively blew our mind!

LoL Papercraft []
Zaera has magic in his fingers when it comes to using scissors and scotch tape to make champions out of paper! But how long did it take him to make these? We’d rather not know.

Felt Mundo []
WarpedStar pushes the limits of what felt can do to create this lifelike Mundo. It’s always amazing to see such an intimidating champion transform into an adorable doll.

Ashe — Fan Art []
Thoraxe89’s artistic talent caught our attention after he asked for us to comment on his drawings on our forums!

Caitlyn, Cho’gath, and Shaco in Wonderland []
Darksen must be haunted dreams of very impressive hats to have invited our champions participate in a magical brunch in Wonderland. Hey, what time is it anyway?

And that is all for this week! We are waiting for your submissions, so send us a link (but no attachments!) with your summoner name to:

Stay tuned for the Season 1 Championship, and see you next week!