RT Recap – RT Recap Week of 5/5 (Feat. Upside down Kerry)

Kerry hangs around to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in this week’s RT Recap!
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Slow Mo Guys “Banger Week”
Monday: Fertility Statue – http://bit.ly/135hNHZ
Tuesday: Bowl of Cereal – http://bit.ly/YjnrV3
Wednesday: Lego House – http://bit.ly/1212wXp
Thursday: Planet Earth – http://bit.ly/137wuJH
Friday: Paint Explosion – http://bit.ly/Yon8rY

RTX Exhibitor Info. – http://bit.ly/16zgCUd
TShirt Tuesday – http://bit.ly/18mxJVG
RT Shot Glass – http://bit.ly/11aMYQB
AH Shot Glass – http://bit.ly/11aN5LZ
RT Store Launch – http://bit.ly/2jj8az
RWBY Yellow Trailer Premiering at A-Kon – http://bit.ly/ZRCq4W

Matt and Joel Go to the Opera! – http://bit.ly/18hX7ic
RTAA: Stinky Fools – http://bit.ly/104W2Zg
RT Podcast #216 – http://bit.ly/158i9kH
RT Life: Kerry Rage Quit – http://bit.ly/17Gry0e

AHWU: 161 – http://bit.ly/Ystk4H
Five Facts: Mario – http://bit.ly/16znwZv
PIG: Ray vs Barbara- http://bit.ly/18hZb9V
Things To Do In: Minecraft – Donkey Kong – http://bit.ly/18zPYXN
Rage Quit – Surgeon Simulator 2013: Ambulance & Space Missions – http://bit.ly/137E3Qo
Fails of the Weak: 137 – http://bit.ly/ZyV6aP

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Image Credit goes to Shutterstock.com
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