RT Recap – RT Recap: 3-24 (ft. Jordan and Gus! Sorta.)

Jordan and his best board buddy Gus bring you this week’s RT Recap!

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RWBY “Black” Trailer: http://bit.ly/XBR14y

Animated Adventure “Gus Hates Interns” – http://bit.ly/XBR5kP
RT Podcast: 210 http://bit.ly/XBR8gw
RT Life “Butter Beer and Soggy Bread” – http://bit.ly/XBRgwC

Let’s Play: Tomb Raider: http://bit.ly/XBRyUl
Let’s Play: Sniper Elite v2 Nazi Zombie Army – http://bit.ly/XBRCU7
Let’s Play: Minecraft Episode 43 “Thunderdome” – http://bit.ly/XBRp3b
VS Ep. 3: Jack vs Ryan in Geometry Wars – http://bit.ly/XBTf3S
Fails of the Weak: http://bit.ly/XBRHXR
Rage Quit: Shark Attack – http://bit.ly/XBRL9V
PIG 119: Jack vs. Ray – http://bit.ly/XBRP9F
Things To Do In: Minecraft “Thread The Needle” – http://bit.ly/XBRUKA
AHWU: 115 – http://bit.ly/XBS0lh
Upcoming Events: – http://bit.ly/XBS3h1