RT Recap – Hosted by Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri hosts this week’s RT Recap. Can you name all the RT projects her costumes are from?

THE PATCH #40 – http://bit.ly/1fnojQT
RT PODCAST: #258 – http://bit.ly/1gomAst
RTAA #134: Sewers and Freezers – http://bit.ly/1c8A09m
Team Nice Dynamite Shirt – http://bit.ly/1ee93Rx
RT Life – http://bit.ly/1hnJH7c
AHWU Week #201 – http://bit.ly/1dbleyU
Lets Play GTA V: Emergency Landing – http://bit.ly/1heXih8
Achievement Hunter Presents: GO! #17- http://bit.ly/1fnpEHf
Let’s Build: Geoff’s Anatomy Pt. 1 – http://bit.ly/MJ1Gvv
Things to do in GTA V: Last Man Standing – http://bit.ly/OjBx7z
Achievement HUNT #17 – http://bit.ly/NiV0UO
Rage Quit: Little Flappers – http://bit.ly/1bSpsAL
VS Episode 51 – Ryan vs. Jack – http://bit.ly/1hCcsld
Fails of the Weak #179 – http://bit.ly/1ffWmpq
Sponsor Cut: Full Play Stream pt1 – http://bit.ly/1jgXYoe
Sponsor Cut: Full Play Stream pt2 – http://bit.ly/1fnq8Nx
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