RT Recap – 5/19 Feat. Gus at the Austin Convention Center!

Gus is bringing you this week’s RT Recap from the Austin Convention Center home of RTX 2013!

People Like Grapes Shirt – http://bit.ly/19qimMC

Australian Store – http://bit.ly/2jj8az

RTX Tickets – http://bit.ly/V13Zgm

RT Podcast 218: – http://bit.ly/18IXIK1

RTAA: Mean Squirrels and Blind People – http://bit.ly/19tgzX5

RT Life: Gallium and Falling Trees – http://bit.ly/18VROp3

MineCraft 51 The End Part 3 – http://bit.ly/11PqgkR

AHWU 163: http://bit.ly/109Bq0V

Rage Quit – http://bit.ly/13AgMbb

Horse Tournament – http://bit.ly/Z1P6MT

Things to do in… http://bit.ly/14daw8y

Fails of the Weak 139 http://bit.ly/12HutCA

Emerald Absinthe on Fire – http://shutr.bz/15UCJFr