RT Recap – 4/7 (feat. 10 Years of Roosterteeth!)

Lindsay brings you up to speed on the week past, and on Rooster Teeth’s 10th Anniversary!

RT 10 Year Anniversary – http://bit.ly/Xs4DEK
“RT Shorts Reunion” – http://bit.ly/16sZniT
RT Store – http://bit.ly/pNFlCL

10 Year Anniversary Shirt – http://bit.ly/Xs4Tng
Burnie Bobble Head- http://bit.ly/Xs57e7
Grifball Plushies – http://bit.ly/16t373X
Cakeless and Let’s Play Slap Band Bundle – http://bit.ly/16t3Lys
Tower of Pimps and YOLO Slap Band Bundle – http://bit.ly/Xs6Gsp
RTAA Faces and Joel’s Snake Slap Band Bundle – http://bit.ly/16t4O18
RvB Logo and Project Freelancer Slap Band Bundle – http://bit.ly/Xs7MV4
Best of RvB DVD – http://bit.ly/XsaCtj
Best of RTAA DVD – http://bit.ly/16tbcWe
Best of RT Shorts DVD – http://bit.ly/XsbbDB
Best of Bundle – http://bit.ly/16te4m3
RWBY Pin Set – http://bit.ly/Xs9BBt

RWBY “Black” Trailer – http://bit.ly/XBR14y
RTX 2013 – http://bit.ly/XBQZK3

RTAA: “Dan vs Food” – http://bit.ly/XsfgaL
RT Podcast #212 – http://bit.ly/16t9p3C
RT Life “A Frosty Brew” – http://bit.ly/14XPmye

Let’s Play: Monopoly Pt. 1 – http://bit.ly/XseLgQ
Let’s Play: New Super Mario Bros. U Pt. 2 – http://bit.ly/16th2XA
Let’s Play: Minecraft Ep. 45 “Thread the Needle” – http://bit.ly/12ptlYt
VS: Ray vs Jack – http://bit.ly/YWaZdY
AHWU: 157 – http://bit.ly/XseUkr
Horse: 121 PIG Jack vs Geoff – http://bit.ly/Xsgfb5
Things to Do In: Minecraft “Chicken Bucket” – http://bit.ly/XsfKh3
Rage Quit: World’s Hardest Game – http://bit.ly/YzyPN1
Fails of the Weak: 133 – http://bit.ly/10IQQH4

Image Credit goes to Shutterstock.com
Beer Mug – http://shutr.bz/143YkKD