RT Recap – 4/14 (feat. Rainbows for Reading!)

The beautiful Barbara breaks down the week!

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Image Credit goes to Shutterstock.com
Dandelion Field with Rainbows Background – http://shutr.bz/179p0p8
Rainbow over the Fields Background – http://shutr.bz/ZZP1dp
Yellow Butterfly on White – http://shutr.bz/XLmCX8
Rainbow over Eidfjord, Norway Background – http://shutr.bz/179pwUa
Bread Background – http://shutr.bz/114gMeM
Rainbow over Empty Green Field Background – http://shutr.bz/130VYvn
Dteranodon Flying Above River Background – http://shutr.bz/17zxMzN
Sunset with Rainbow Background – http://shutr.bz/YFJ0Au
Colorful Paint Splashing on White – http://shutr.bz/179qCiL