Q&A Part 3/3 ☻

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Questions asked in order:

0:12- What would you rather be acknowledged by?

1:00- Fav. Pairing in Kuro?

1:07- P.S. Come to Nemacon? First ever cosplay? Scripted vids or improv? Who is better butler, Claude or Sebastian?

1:40- What’s your OTP? Fav. subject in school?

1:59- Fav. thing about cosplaying Sebastian & Grell?

2:22- Town called Claude, woudl you visit? How did you do your Zess hair?

3:15- What video editing software do you use? Ideas for vids? Editing software for photos?

3:26- More Usagi cosplay? Who’s climbin’ in yo windows and snatchin’ yo shotas up?

3:55- When will you visit AZ? How did you meet?

4:18- Fav. anime/manga? Do you have a Twitter? What about a random cosplay?

5:14- Any cosplay groups that inspire you?

5:22- Fav. Anime to watch every day? Weidest thing done in Sebastian cosplay? Who else woudl you cosplay from Kuro?

5:56- How did you get into art?

6:18- what was it like for you in school? How do you feel after losing weight? What made you guys get out of Naruto?

7:30- Oddest thing that’s ever happened while making a video/cosplaying? Scary encounters?

8:29- Do you believe in love at first sight?

9:06- Fav. cosplay so far? Least fav.? Tips on cosplays?

9:26- what anime/manga you watched/read? Tips for Sebastian cosplay? Tips for Grell cosplay?

10:19- What’s your real names?

10:37- How do you style your wigs? Fav. pie? Siblings?

11:35- Gender.

12:50- Makeup.