Q&A Part 2/3 ☺

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Questions asked in order:

0:17- What inspired you to cosplay in the first place?

0:30- Best experience cosplaying? Fav. Cons? Best memories?

1:04- Which character do you love that you would NEVER cosplay?

1:19- How did you get into Anime?

1:32- How do you come up with ideas for vids? What inspires you?

1:55- Tips on how to make cosplay? Perfect tricks?

2:37- What do you look like OUT of cosplay?

2:46- Have you ever worn cosplay to school?

2:51- Fav. Anime/Manga? Have you seen/read Uraboku? Will you cosplay it?

3:25- Do you have suggestions for new cosplayers?

4:45- Why do you never cosplay Vocaloids anymore?

5:12- If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?

6:27- Fav. color? Best con memory? If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

7:04- What do you wear on daily basis out of cosplay? Lalasosu, has anyone fangirled when you cosplayed Sebastian?

8:48- Fav. Sandwich? What size are your feet? Number 1 fetish?