Q&A Part 1/3 & revealing our newest cosplays! ♥

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Questions asked in order:

0:18- What got you into black butler?

0:48- Where did you get your Sebastian wig? Did you cut & style it?

2:14- How long have you done cosplay? What’s your first cosplay?

2:36- What’s a cosplay you haven’t done but would love to do?

2:48- What’s your fav. dessert?

2:59- Will you marry me Sebastian?

3:07- Where can I get an Undertaker costume?

3:45- Who do you ship, Sebastian?

4:20- Would you cosplay demon Sebastian? Any good cosplay sites you recommend?

5:08- Fav. Moments during filming your videos/doing your cosplays?

6:05- Do you plan to cosplay a long timg? Embarrassing moments? Advice for new cosplayers?

7:00- Any other versions os sebastian you will do?

7:22- How did Kajo(Sebastian) and Hannah(Grell) meet/cosplay together?

8:09- How do you get ideas for videos?

8:26 Ever considered Heart no kuki no alice cosplay?

8:46- Who do you like cosplaying better? Sebastian or AidsAlois?

9:02- Are either of you gay/bi?

9:30- Are you going to continue the Howl & sophie requests?

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