Pre-Christmas Special

Because I didn’t have my friends with me (and because i couldn’t fine my christmas hat) i decided NOT to make this THE christmas special…. just a pre… think. =D okay yea. hope you like it YAAAAAAAY -Mojo

Kingdom Hearts Hare Hare Yukai

Plain and simple… Tabbs and Kitt doing the MOHS dance. Tabbs was TRYING to be stupid when she did this… just thought you should know. :3 Poor Kitt hurt her arm:[ Tabbs – Sora Kitt – Kairi

Hero’s Come Back

As Sora and Riku battle countless legions of heartless, poor Kairi is left to wonder about their whereabouts. As she passes the time by, she bumps into a surprise… Kairi – BubbleLuv Sora – Mo-jo (it’s a wig test and COMPLETELY ad-libbed to your entertainment) =D