One of a kind creations – Summoner Showcase #70

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Rayimus proves that papier mache can be truly explosive with his grinning Ziggs mask. Watch those bomb fuses, folks: he’s flammable!
“Kirigami” is the art of cutting paper into pretty shapes… or in the case of Sun Dao Liu Boy’s work, incredibly awesome ones.
The Fallen Angel becomes a vision in graphite thanks to the amazing penciling of YNarancsY. Morgana herself must agree; why else would she be smiling like that?
ForeverKeytone goes all William Shakespeare on us with an ode to the rollicking Rift.
From one end of the poetry spectrum to the other, FrankDee Tank’s epic cypher jam puts the beat in “beatdown.”
She was always a rock star in the League, and Duskemi confirms it with his great artwork here.