News:TV Star’s GTA V Lawsuit + Minecraft Passes 100 Million Users + Molyneux Blasts Fable III

Ex-Mob Wives star Karen Gravano has lodged a suit against GTA V developer Rockstar for ripping off her likeness… and it’s not over the bikini girl! Minecraft PC has passed 100 million users. Peter Molyneux calls Fable III “a trainwreck” and doesn’t think he’ll ever make his ideal game. Some PC versions of South Park: The Stick Of Truth will be censored.

RT News – February 26, 2014 – Hosted by Ashley Jenkins

Links And Additional Reading:

Gravano’s Rockstar Lawsuit:

Minecraft PC Announcement:

Peter Molyneux on Fable III:

South Park The Stick Of Truth PC Censorship:

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