News: PS Vita Preps for PS4 Launch + GTA Stimulus Finally Incoming + Xbox Indie Devs Get Unity

Sony has released a 3.00 system update for PS Vita to prepare for integration with Playstation 4. Rockstar has released their 1.05 title update for GTA V, and are ready to distribute their GTA Online stimulus package. Microsoft has announced that all their ID@Xbox registered indie developers will have free access to the Unity add-on for Xbox One. Nintendo has expressed interest in doing more with their virtual console digital download games and squashed hopes of their games coming to smart phones.

Links And Additional Reading:

Sony’s Details on their PS Vita 3.00 Update:

Rockstar Is Ready To Distribute GTA Online Stimulus:

Microsoft Has Announced Unity For Indie Devs:

Nintendo Wants To Do More With Virtual Console:

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