News: Political Group Uses Bioshock Propaganda + Minecraft PS3 Tomorrow + Pro Gamer Athletic Visa

A conservative political group associated with the Tea Party has used a satirical Bioshock Infinite propaganda piece in earnest. Rainbow Six: Patriots has been scrapped and is being reworked. A StarCraft II player has received the first Athletic Visa as a pro gamer in the US. Microsoft has announced they’ll release their first slate of original Xbox One and Xbox 360 video programming early next year. Minecraft PS3 will be out on December 17.

RT News – December 16, 2013 – Hosted by Ashley Jenkins

Links And Additional Information:

Political Group’s Bioshock Infinite Propaganda:

Rainbow Six Patriots Reset:

Microsoft’s Original Video Content Plans:

Pro Gamer Gets Athletic Visa:

Minecraft for Xbox 360 Sells 10 Million Units:

Minecraft PS3 Release Date:

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