News: Minecraft Gets Avengers + New Legend of Zelda Spin-off + Get A Free Celebi Pokemon

An Avenger’s Mash-Up For Minecraft on Xbox 360 has been announced. Nintendo has announced a new Legend of Zelda Dynasty Warriors-type spin-off starring Link, tentatively titled Hyrule Warriors. Nintendo has confirmed Yoshi’s New Island for a spring release on 3DS, overseen by the creative director for the original Yoshi’s Island. NES Remix, a downloadable eshop title for Wii U, has been announced and is available today. Luigi is trying his hand at medicine with Dr. Luigi to finish out Nintendo’s year honoring him. New details on tracks, karts, and characters have been revealed for Mario Kart 8. A free Celebi pokemon is being offered to anyone who tries Pokemon Bank between its December 27 launch and the end of next September.

RT News – December 18, 2013 – Hosted by Ashley Jenkins

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