News: Free Games For Xbox Drive Issues + Why There’s No Halo At Launch + PS4 Battlefield Patched

Microsoft is apologizing the the gamers who have experienced disc drive issues by offering them free digital games to play until their replacement console arrives. They’ve also explained why there’s no Halo game ready for Xbox One’s launch. Pikmin game director is working on a new Nintendo IP…maybe with Miyamoto? Sony has reset some PSN passwords after irregular activity. A patch for PS4 Battlefield 4 is available to fix stability. Some third-party digital PSN games may cost more for Europeans.

Links And Additional Reading:

Microsoft Offering Free Games To Those Affected By Xbox One Disc Drive Issues:

Phil Spencer On Halo:

Masamichi Abe Working On Nintendo IP:

PSN Passwords Reset:

Battlefield 4 Update Notes:

DICE Apologizes for PS4 Instability:

PS4 Digital Prices For Europe:

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