News: First Shadow of Mordor Gameplay + Tomb Raider Framerate Differences + ESO’s Star-Studded Cast

Warner Bros. has unleashed the first gameplay of Shadow of Mordor, Monolith’s return to the Lord of the Rings universe, showing off its unique gameplay elements. Crystal Dynamics has demonstrated the changes they’ve made to Tomb Raider Definitive Edition to make it next-gen, and it looks like PS4 will run at 60fps while Xbox One will run at 30fps. Bethesda has announced the star-studded cast of The Elder Scrolls Online, with the talent of Lynda Carter, John Cleese, Bill Nighy, Kate Beckinsale, Alfred Molina, Michael Gambon, Malcolm McDowell, and Jennifer Hale.

RT News – January 23, 2014 – Hosted By Ashley Jenkins

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