News: Arma Dev Paying €500K For Mods + Ubisoft Considering Pirate Spin-off? + Walking Dead Dated

Bonus Late Breaking News: Fallout Teaser A Hoax + Riot Revises Streaming Policy + Destiny Release Date

Arma 3 dev, Bohemia Interactive, has announced a modding contest with a €500,000 prize pool. Telltale Games has dated the first episode in their The Walking Dead Season 2. Tecmo-Koei has announced they’re limiting under-age micro-transaction spending in Japan. Microsoft is stepping up privacy and security measures to prevent government snooping. Ubisoft is asking users about their Assassin’s Creed priorities, and whether Black Flag could have been a spin-off.

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Tecmo-Koei Limits Under-Age Spending:

Arma 3 Mod Contest:

The Walking Dead Season 2 Date:

Microsoft Announces New Security Measures:

Hyper-Realistic Security Scenario Courtesy Deloitte:

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