New creations, new year – Summoner Showcase #96

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He coulda been a contender… if he wasn’t banned this match. Earth2Mars’ super-cool Boom Boom Blitzcrank sculpture rocket grabbed my attention and blew me away. Love it.
Henry’s drawing of the Tidal Trickster isn’t in watercolors, but an extremely detailed and textured Fizz pencil creation. Nice work!
RizenVisual’s epic live action tower dive is something to behold. Looks like diving towers is just as painful and epic as it is on the Fields of Justice! Alistar is particularly awesome.
For I Am Death and Prasutagus created this life-size recreation of Wicked Lulu’s signature hat that’ll keep you warm, no matter which lane you’re in!
Can yordle love bloom on the battlefield? Of course it can! This adorable drawing by Skyefire proves that the bushes aren’t just for camping, but apparently snogging as well.
Exortex put his modeling skills to the test and recreated some popular items from League of Legends in majestic, rendered glory. Gaze upon the sleek surfaces of Arcade Sona’s keyboard or the pointy-end of a Hextech Gunblade. Floating support more your style? Try an awesome render of Janna’s staff on for size.
Rengar looks all-too-happy to be stalking poor little Teemo in this amazing piece by Tailcat. Is there really more that has to be said about this drawing than ER. MAH. GERD.