Minions…delicious minions – Summoner Showcase #78

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Gogaros delivers a very grumpy looking rendition of Annie, the Dark Child, imagined here as a carefully sculpted figurine.
Trust49 sheds a little light on a gorgeous glass reproduction of the League of Legends logo.
Sejunai doesn’t exactly scream “cute,” especially in her sabretusk skin. [b]7 4[/b] begs to differ, however, and gives us an adorable Chibi image to prove it.
Every summoner has devoured their share of minions on the field, but few look as tasty as the cake Fifdapro and SZGYF have baked up!
Every champion should have a cool theme song to guide them into battle — even the trolls. Thanks to Blockheart, Trundle now has a toe-tapping new piano tune to call his own.
We close this week with a bit of very scary statuary thanks to this excellent illustration from Seung Jin.