Metal Gear Sunrising

Raiden has an episode of PTSD triggered whenever he uses a blender.

Twitter: @BrandonJLa

Thank you to Konami for supporting the project! As you know, Freddie and I are hardcore Metal Gear fans. We’ve been playing a ton of MGR: Revengeance – highly recommend it for fans of the series and for hack and slash fans.

Created by: Brandon Laatsch
Additional VFX: Kevin Comerford
Raiden: Eric Linden (
Hamburger: Freddie Wong
Sound: Kevin Senzaki
Music: Michael Wyckoff
Voice: Quinton Flynn
Costume: Jeff Siedert
Makeup: Hayley Mintz
Special thanks: Hideo Kojima

Software used: 3dsMax 2012, After Effects, Vray, and Premier.