Matryoshka (マトリョシカ) Cosplay Teaser PV

Every little detail is uniquely Singapore’s own landmark, occurrence and fact but a teaser a teaser’s time, this is all we have included and trust us, we have more ideas than what appear here, do share with us too and we may integrate in the full version! Also if you are an artist or animator, send us (sprinklemethis[a] your interpretation, if is included you will be properly credited!

And we will, of course, pay tribute to the original Matryoshka pv. It’s ambiguous form allow us to be inspire and accomplish something more than just.. looking nice.

As subtle as our intentions are, are u able to find or interpret some of the animations?


Drawn and animated by Cvy and Xiaobai
Photos taken by Adrian Song []

Miku: Cvy []
Gumi: Xiaobai []

Based on Hachi’s Matryoshka (マトリョシカ) []

For our foreign friends, here is a condensed list of trivia to identify 😉
(1) Blinking Stamford Raffles statue – founder of Singapore

(2) ERP – electronic road toll system

(3) MRT overcrowding

(4) Singapore’s tropical climate and unpredictable weather

(5) Graffiti artist, Oliver Fricker’s name written on the second train that passed

(6) Old man representing “My Grandfather Road” along with traffic lights stickers vandalism

(7) “Just Making An Aesthetic Statement” written on traffic lights stickers