Manmo, cupcakes and pillows – Summoner Showcase #99

Cosplay, cupcakes, Manmo and mini champs on this episode of the Summoner Showcase!

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Evangelyne wants to be just like wu-oo-oo…kong and totally nails it! Featuring some spot on detailing and a pixel-perfect staff, this costume certainly ain’t monkeying around.
Something smells fishy in the seas of Bilgewater! Lukasz has outdone himself with this imaginative and freaky interpretation of our favorite Tidal Trickster. But if Rotting Fizz himself looks this badass, then what on earth does his shark resemble? We shudder to think!
ArcaneTree has done it again! After the wonders of Epic Sax Teemo, we’ve now got a whole other Teemo skin to swoon over. With more chest hair than the entire design team and a scoped shotgun to ruin his enemies with, this Teemo is anything but expendable.
Not content with charming her lane opponents into submission, this little beaut by Kenny Cho sees our very own nine-tailed fox kicking ass and taking names on the B-Ball court! HORSE!
Sweeter than sunshine and cuter than cuddles, these Lulu cupcakes are just too adorable to eat, right? I mean… maybe we could just try one. For science. Right, Hurjanen? They’d understand.
Lord Bowzord and audefleda totally went to town with these little nuggets of awesome. Corki has never been so cute, and I’m pretty sure we’d all be okay with a Mini Rammus Powerballing his way into our team comp.
Ever wanted to cuddle with Singed? Well… that’s kinda weird, but Jenfo’s got you covered regardless! Strap this bouncy beast to your arm and you’ve got impromptu naps literally at your fingertips wherever you go. Just don’t tell Dyrus.