Love and waffles – Summoner Showcase #97

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Ecolius’ dad put together this amazing glowing Veigar statue, cementing him as Best Dad NA and proving that just a little bit of evil keeps families close.
Mid lane, beware! Snowmerdinger comes alive in this faithful winter recreation of the Revered Inventor by Grismas and Mannemon. Watch the monocle pop! Let’s just hope there aren’t any turrets covered under any fresh snowfall.
Joaquin’s notebook weapon sketches illustrate just how diverse and pokey the League’s arsenal can be. See if you can match up each weapon with its wielder!
Fanatiq’s beautiful freestyle rendition of Nami’s login music captures the fantasy of diving beneath the waves on an epic journey and surfing to victory. Keep mashing those keys, because we want to hear more beautiful music from you.
Charge into the fray with MissMediocre, clad in hand-crafted Battleborn Kayle armor. Whether dominating top lane or the convention floor, this Kayle cosplay is sure to impress.
From forth the inventory of these champions, a pair of star-crossed wards find love on the battlefield. Wowcrendor’s epic tale of love, surprise and timers hopefully allows you to better appreciate the fragile lives of the wards we so take for granted.
Why Ziggs is eating waffles in MaD GReEN BuNNy’s fan art we may never know, but are you really going to argue against a hexplosives expert with a short fuse? If the yordle wants his waffles, the yordle gets his waffles!
Rambolinchen’s chooses to highlight Ahri’s seductive side instead of the whole ruthless killer bit in this pinup drawing. Props to Ahri for moving so quickly down lane wearing such high heels.