Light and dark – Summoner Showcase #92

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Esmora’s take on Taric is a much moodier Gem Knight than we’re used to. This dark, ominous theme replaces his trademark fabulous gems with malefic adornments that will make any champion think twice about getting in range of Taric’s deathly Dazzle.
This alternative skin idea from ArtNotHeart features Ahri in a mash-up of flowing, billowing clothing mixed with selected pieces of armor and fancy flair. She’s all style and grace, even when she’s slaughtering her enemies on the Fields of Justice.
When you think tea, do you think horrific Void monsters? Because that’s what Warrior 687 was thinking about when he made this Kog’Maw teapot in ceramics class. Would that make his favorite tea Kham’omile? MUST… STEEP!
Cirath’s depiction of Nautilus chilling out at the bottom of the sea brings the Titan of the Depths back to his natural habitat. I’d expect to find a beautiful pearl or monstrous sea creature living in his helmet…
Cosmonautti and RAUKKA will never be alone at night thanks to this adorable Volibear lamp. This light-up bear-in-shining-armor will flip more than light switches.
Just when you thought it was safe in the real world, Volkshire brings Twitch to life with this incredible puppet. If I heard Twitch’s laugh outside of Summoner’s Rift, I might be scared stupid.
Arcade Sona has quickly proven herself a fan favorite with beautiful renditions like this from Harapeko. I’m in love with the stickers on her keyboard, and the hair, stars, and spells evoke the best kind of Saturday morning cartoon memories.
One for every color card, YY6242’s Twisted Fate portraits elicit the many emotions of the Card Master: pensive, brooding, and passionate. Graves, how could you hate on such a beautiful face?

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