Let it snow – Summoner Showcase #57

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We’ve got our own Snowdown version of Maokai, but He-St, Briara and Sita Duncan all brought us their own festive versions of this champion, each with its own wintry spin!

Akemiro brings us a pale and beautiful version of your favorite Starchild.

Avrilly took it upon herself to bring us a holiday rendition of Sona. Let us know if you think that the Maven of the Strings looks good in wings!

If you’re a supporter of the holiday tradition of caroling, Shaytalis has all the tunes you’ll need to keep you jolly all winter long.

DasBol brings us his concept for Gingerbread Kennen, no matter how fast we run, we can’t catch this gingerbread yordle.

If you need any help decking the halls this year, you might want to ask Leona for a hand. Teganze brings us an image of Leona getting a bit carried away by some holiday decorating.