(Kuro)Shit Sebastian Says

Sorry it’s not anything awesome or super funny. I was planning to post it on my personal channel. OTL;; But this will kind of take up space in the weird Hiatus we have been on. We’re sorry! Free time is hard to get now, but we’re doing our best!

Yeah I know there are some “flaws” in the cosplay [[ex: my nails and contract aren’t there.]] I have jobs to go to, and they dont’ like my nails black and I can’t imagine what they’d say if they saw a demon contract on my hand. So. Sorry for those of you who are picky, I don’t give a flying butter knife. D8

I’m also aware that I combined Japanese and English.

I just don’t like saying “Young master” I’ve always said Bocchan. It comes out of the mouth smoother to me. xD


Sorry for such a long wait. We have shittons of videos to post, they’re all just sitting here waiting to be edited. OTL;