K1 Speed Indoor Go Kart Racing – RT Recap

The gang watches the AH crew film their episode of VS at K1 Speed in Austin,TX and then gets in on the fun themselves.

THE PATCH #41 ­ http://bit.ly/NDWRDS
RT PODCAST: #259 ­ http://bit.ly/1kxXNER
RTAA #135: Kung Shu Wedding ­ http://bit.ly/1i068nK
RWBY Three Beowolf Moon Shirt ­ http://bit.ly/NDX8GQ
RT Life: Miles vs Chips & Brandon’s Trashcan – http://bit.ly/1bZCZ9A
AHWU Week #202 ­ http://bit.ly/MC9VZH
Lets Play GTA V: Downhill Jam ­ http://bit.ly/1fP5fex
Achievement Hunter Presents: GO! #18 ­ http://bit.ly/1fwXprd
Let’s Build: Geoff’s Anatomy Pt. 2 ­ http://bit.ly/1pFX9ZN
Things to do in GTA V: Achievement Knievel ­ http://bit.ly/1hKtglL
Achievement HUNT #18: Geoff vs Ryan ­ http://bit.ly/1lpVA1F
Rage Quit: Kollosus Roar ­ http://bit.ly/1hKtidn
VS Episode 52: Reset ­ http://bit.ly/1fwYorv
Fails of the Weak #180 ­ http://bit.ly/1eHX92D
Sponsor Cut: Game Night ­ http://bit.ly/OL7hmi
Sponsor Cut: QuickDraw ­ http://bit.ly/1d3rhcb