Joy to the League – Summoner Showcase #56

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Psyko Penguin has his own sinister take on everyone’s favorite Swift Scout. He might make you think twice before stepping out of that brush!
BuffyCafeLunatic’s desire for champion dolls cannot be contained, and she drew huggable renditions of Leona, Vlad and Annie.
Undomiele saw a canvas where her fingertips are located and recreated the eeriness of Fiddlesticks on her nails.
Cannonize has a different idea for what life guards running down the beach should look like. While not completely sure we should trust a crocodile to save us from drowning, it’s an interesting idea none the less.
Ferdk loves League of Legends. He also loves metal. We were surprised to see just how well he was able to put the two together.
Krinath gives us his two cents on what he thinks should be Blitzcrank’s next skin. The only real question is, is it OP if your champion is also a structure?