It’s like magic – Summoner Showcase #47

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Agnieszka and Azot2N get crafty by making this adorable champion come to life. But they didn’t stop there! When Koggie needs a friend, Teemo to the rescue!
DDKSJ sends his submission all the way from Korea. It’s so good that we had to double-check to make sure it wasn’t a skin we made!
Bytefodder noms his way into the Showcase by making foil candy wrappers into this deftly-sculpted Rammus. If only we all could be so productive while snacking!
KaiCM has the skills and the inspiration to rap a parody about Nasus. (Don’t tell Renekton.)
It’s charity! It’s streaming! It’s gaming! 10 Win Streak challenges game streamers and Rioters alike to win 10 games in a row, while viewers can pledge for their favorites and support Child’s Play charity.
Runkugi melds beauty with danger in this mystical Morgana art. Stare too long at the Fallen Angel, and the Fallen Angel stares back at you…
Mexxo sculpts a wizard of the tiniest proportions. In fact, he’s even tinier than normal.