It’s a party – Summoner Showcase #32

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/>Haxe unleashes some pent up aggression with an artistic ground slam, much to the chagrin of his enemies.

They Will Die
Technological Terror cranked up the synth to create a crunchy tune about the cycle of life and death, and how one-sided it can be.

Anime Central Legends
Chicago draws all kinds, like Supervillian, Missyeru, Alhon Tieathen and coeLOLcanth to cosplay their favorite champions and gaze adoringly at a huge pink hammer.

A-Z Poetry
TheAmazingSilver has a line for every champion, and a champion for every line. He waxes lyrical and avoids making a pizza order in the middle of his poem this time.

Kindergarten Champions
We never think of them as kids, but if a big zapper ray were to shrink our champions down to babies, we think they’d be a little like Latheia draws them here. Violent and adorable, as expected.

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