Holiday hooray – Summoner Showcase #58

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Judith had a little twist in mind for her Christmas stocking. A little twist, with a little champion and you get an absolutely festive holiday charm ready for gifts!
Lolily loves Teemo. In her eyes, there’s no better way to prove it than by making a video brimming with cuteness. Check it out, but we warned you—it may be too cute to handle.
Kyzzen has an awesome take on a classic Snowdown skin, where Sona doesn’t have to sing to add music to the holidays.
RikiTikiTabi knows exactly what’s cooler than being cool. In this frosted version of our champion Ezreal he shows us exactly how to be ice cold.
Souls knows that most kids hate the dentist, and Annie DDS wants to instill terror and flossing!
Madelyne has something special for those on her Christmas card list, which celebrates the troublemakers just as much as the goodie-two-shoes.