Hatsune Miku – Rolling Girl (COSPLAY PV TEASER) – VOCALOID

The lyrics are profound, but I could relate a lot to Akiakane’s interpretation. Watching it stirred all my bottled chaotic emotions.

A girl who tries, who makes mistakes, who fails, but who will never stop, losing herself in the midst, exerting her extreme limit, wounds started to surface and to the point she wanted to stop breathing. (And a guy came to save her but of course, a fairytale ending is always nice D:)

There were many effects and transitions in the original PV, if I have not watched it frame by frame, all the little nitty-gritty wonders would’ve been missed. The more I looked into it, more I appreciate all the hard efforts put in.

The original PV affected me mentally, and inspired me technically. So I made the first 30secs and released it as a teaser first 🙂 But my version will not be exactly the same. – Cvy


Movie made by Cvy [cvy.deviantart.com]

Photos taken by Songster [songster69.deviantart.com]

Miku: Cvy [cvy.deviantart.com]

Guy/Savior: Kanasai* [kanasaiii.deviantart.com]

Many help from Xiaobai [xiaobai.deviantart.com] and Kaika [www.youtube.com/user/elpheal]


Original PV credits:



Lyrics: wowaka

composition: wowaka

arrangement: wowaka

Voice: Hatsune Miku

Illustration: akiakane

Movie: yama_ko

Font: fub-koubou

Originally produced by Genjitsutouhi-P in 14th Feb 2010