Gift basket surprise – Summoner Showcase #88

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MizoreAme’s adorable Kog’maw arrangement might be a little frightening if delivered to your door . . . unless you’re totally into creepy void monsters paired with a lovely floral bouquet.
KimmieLou creates a cake for only the bravest champions willing to put themselves into extreme harm’s way. Hopefully Fiddlesticks will remember for next time that Teemo is lurking everywhere, even on the bottom cake layer.
That’s a lot of haikus! Zepherus has champion-themed haikus for all your favorites. Singed’s haiku is definitely inspired.
LittleRixian delves deep into the lives of some special League minions, making heartless fiends of us all. Sure, we’re all a little guilty, but gold is gold, right?! *cries*
Zerina’s Redeemed Riven cosplay is a sight to behold, and she definitely went the distance to bring Riven to life. Spot on!
Adorable! TCBunny gives us a sneak peek into Tibber’s world, and don’t miss Teemo’s well-earned fear of wards, or what it means to “farm” minions. Poor Alistar wants to roam!
Gamescom was a massive event and the amount of League of Legends cosplay was staggering. Over 100 cosplayers hit the stage to show off their brilliant costumes and creations.