G.A.N.K Industries Presents: Urfrider Corki

Fresh from rigorous testing under the watchful eyes of industry super genius Fedasz Lehman, we are proud to unveil the latest and greatest creation from G.A.N.K. Industries.

Rolling off the production line, this sleek skin unites efficient German spatula design with a heavy weapons platform; riding a sea cow into battle is no longer just a beautiful dream! G.A.N.K. Industries have prepared the following presentation* open your eye holes and fill them with fun.

Since the dawn of time man has sought liberty from the tyranny of legwork; first the noble horse, then the automobile, and now the majestic manatee. Slip the surly bonds of earth to ride the Urf!

*Advertisement paid for by G.A.N.K Industries. G.I. cannot be held responsible for pleasure comas, joy overloads, or attacks of Yordlitis experienced during this presentation