Fun with Sculpty – Summoner Showcase #83

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LeBlanc and Annie

Hell0ween kicks things off with two of my favorite things: magic and presents!
Orianna Costume

All those elite cosplayers out there better find some room on the Podium of Awesome: Britthebadger makes us believe that the Lady of Clockwork walks among us.
Baron Nashor Fountain

The Baron never gets any love, either on the field or off. [b]Josh[/b] strikes a blow for Nashor equality with this working fountain!
Classy Glassy Cho’Gath

Admiral Nahtanoj brings the nom-nom-noms to a stained glass window: perfect ambiance for a snifter of brandy with a certain aristocratic Void monster.
Lulu Statuette

Lulu never lacks for love, whether it comes from a transformed squirrel or a supportive summoner. Moonstonerarity does the champion justice with a groovy statuette!
Kog’Maw Statue

Not to be outdone, Pinkchocobo delivers a terrific take on Kog’Maw. Even better, he includes step-by-step pics showing us how he did it!
Champion Web Comics
We end the week with proof of what we always suspected about Amumu. Check out these Tumblr blogs for The Sad Mummy, along with similar craziness for (big breath) Volibear, Rumble, Dr. Mundo, Annie and the original character, Rin the Yordle.